What Makes a Bad Book

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The first thing that would make a bad book is if the book is straight up boring. A book is more interesting when it has a unpredictable twists.  You know a book is boring if everything in it is predictable or if the author doesn’t get in-depth enough with the characters personality. Or if the characters seem to straight up not have a personality.  I personally like it when the reader can see different sides of the characters. Specifically the main character(s).The more the marrier. I also dislike when a character has no growth in the story. It also irritates me if one book series is too much like another book series by the same author. That can get annoying and make the new series more predictable. The last thing that buggs me is if it takes the story way too long to reach the climax. And if it does, I hope the climax is worth all of the reading that it took to get there. Otherwise I would feel like I wasted my time reading the story. What do you think would make a bad book? I would like to know your thoughts on the subject.


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