The False Princess Book Review

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The False Princess

The False Princess is a young adult novel by Ellis O’Neal. It’s about a girl who was temporarily named Nalia. She is the at first seeming princess of Thorvaldor. When she turned 16 she found out that she is not the real princess and that her real name is Sinda. She gets sent to live with her aunt who is the only member left of her family.  She also finds out that the real princess was kept hidden because of a prophecy. Sinda was very sad that she was not who she though she was. I mean who wouldn’t be sad or majorly depressed if they got kicked out of their home, had a different name, identity and found out that her family wasn’t her real family and that her whole life had been a lie? But Sinda eventually felt that her life might be worth while once she found out that she had magic powers. And it gets even better. She finds out something very interesting about the prophecy that I am not going to spoil in this review. But yeah, this is a really good book and I love that is has a quick pace and it feels like there is a new climax every hand full or so of chapters. Oh, and did I mention that this book was nominated for a Georgia Peach Book Award. So, you better get reading. I would give this book 4 stars out of 5.


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