What Books Do You Recommend?

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What good books do you recommend? Preferably fictional novels. I thought about reading another book by John Green since I enjoyed reading The Fault In Our Stars. I often read romance novels but I wouldn’t mind reading other genres. I love when stories are unpredictable. If a story is too predictable it can be a little boring in my opinion. I like when things are spontaneous. Whether it’s books or people. If you have read or are currently reading any books that you would recommend me to read comment the book title and author in the comments. I will also write more reviews on the books I read. Thank you so much!


What I Have Noticed About Romance Novels

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Many romance novels that I have read often portray the mate as “perfect” or “irresistible”. Even if they aren’t perfect their good qualities are more noticeable than the negative one’s. I have noticed that this happens more often with teenage romance novels. A lot of romance novels have happy endings. I’m not saying that that’s a bad thing. But have you ever read a romance novel that doesn’t have a happy ending? Or one where the main character doesn’t get the guy or girl that they wanted to be with? A good example of that would be the book version of The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen. (It’s actually a fairy tale not a novel but it’s a story.) Does she marry the prince in the Disney movie? Yes. But in the original story she didn’t and it also had a completely different moral. But it’s still a great story in my opinion. I’m not complaining about anything I am just typing my thoughts on this. What are your thoughts on romance novels? 

What is your favorite book genre?

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Do you like romance novels? Reference books? Encyclopedias? Horror books? Mystery books? Science fiction novels? Or any other genre? I usually read romance novels. My favorite romance series is Fallen by Lauren Kate. My favorite horror novel is Carrie by Stephen King. I also like reference books if they are about a subject that I am interested in. Sometimes we read to escape reality. Sometimes we read for entertainment. And sometimes we read just because it’s relaxing. Romance novels are dreamy. Horror books are thrilling. Mystery books open our minds. We read everyday. We read road signs, texts, subtitles and more. You are reading right now. We will always read.

The False Princess Book Review

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The False Princess

The False Princess is a young adult novel by Ellis O’Neal. It’s about a girl who was temporarily named Nalia. She is the at first seeming princess of Thorvaldor. When she turned 16 she found out that she is not the real princess and that her real name is Sinda. She gets sent to live with her aunt who is the only member left of her family.  She also finds out that the real princess was kept hidden because of a prophecy. Sinda was very sad that she was not who she though she was. I mean who wouldn’t be sad or majorly depressed if they got kicked out of their home, had a different name, identity and found out that her family wasn’t her real family and that her whole life had been a lie? But Sinda eventually felt that her life might be worth while once she found out that she had magic powers. And it gets even better. She finds out something very interesting about the prophecy that I am not going to spoil in this review. But yeah, this is a really good book and I love that is has a quick pace and it feels like there is a new climax every hand full or so of chapters. Oh, and did I mention that this book was nominated for a Georgia Peach Book Award. So, you better get reading. I would give this book 4 stars out of 5.

The Fault In Our Stars Book Review

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The Fault In Our Stars

The Fault In Our Stars is a beautifully written romance novel by John Green. Its about a Girl named Hazel Grace who has cancer and believes that what ever she does won’t matter because one day everyone will be gone. She had a favorite book that a she felt she could relate to and has written letters to the author of her favorite book Peter Van Houten asking him how his book ends. In his he left a hanger cliff and never wrote a second book to it. But he never responded to her letters. But everything changes after she met Augustus Waters. She met him in a cancer kid support group that she didn’t want to go to but her mom highly suggested her to. At one point Hazel got mad at Augustus for “smoking”. He put a cigarette in his mouth and then she told him that  he has cancer and is giving himself more cancer from smoking. He had the cigarette in his mouth but he never smoked it. After Hazel and Augustus become more and more close they eventually to Amsterdam to meet Hazel’s favorite book author Peter Van Houten. And now I will stop telling you what happens here because I don’t want to spoil too much. But this novel is very romantic and is also a bit educational. It will mention some facts about cancer and also some other educational facts. This book truly shows how it feels to be someone who suffers from life threatening cancer. Although I will admit I had a little trouble adjusting to Hazel at first I grew to like her more and more as I kept reading. This is one of my favorite books and I would totally recommend you read it! Thanks for reading!

Fallen by Lauren Kate Book Review

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Fallen is the first book of it’s own series by Lauren Kate. It is a romance and fantasy (But mostly romance.) novel about a teenage girl named Lucinda Price who is often referred to as “Luce”, and is sent to a reform boarding school called “Sword and Cross” after being accused of murdering a boy by starting a fire. The story is mainly centered around the romance between Luce and a mysterious yet at first rude guy named Daniel Grigori who Luce also finds strangely familiar. However, she also finds herself attracted to another guy at Sword and Cross named Cameron Briel who appears to be very charming and is mainly referred to as “Cam”. Let me stop right there for a second. Although it bothered me that it took a little too long for the book to reach the climax, it bothered me even more that the main character (Luce) kept falling for the at first seeming “bad boy” (Daniel) who flipped her off when they first met and then she has a hard time choosing between him and Mr.Charming (Cam). I don’t dislike Luce, although I did find her pretty naive and found some of the other characters more likeable. But overall, the story is very thrilling and a huge page turner once you reach the climax. Luce eventually finds out why Daniel seemed so familiar and why he acted the way he did at first. I’ll stop right there. I don’t want to spoil the ending. Overall I would give this book 3 1/2 stars out of 5.

What Comes After Book Review

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What Comes After is a beautifully written book by Steve Watkins about a 16 year old vegitarian and animal loving girl named Iris Wight. In the beginning of the story Iris lived in Maine with her best friend Beatrice since her father passed away. Her mother abandoned her and her father when she was very young. After Beatrice’s parents had issues with their marriagemIris was forced to live on a farm in North Carolina with her Aunt Sue and her cousin Book who eventually became abusive to her. I don’t want to spoil the ending. But I will say that this novel is a very touching story about hope and staying strong in difficult times.  You might even go through an emotional rollercoaster while reading this book. (In a good way of course.) There is also a hint of romance in the book. But it does not take over the whole story. What I like the most about this novel is that both the protagonist and the antagonists have some growth in this story. I would give this book 4 1/2 stars out of 5.