My Favorite Book Author.

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My favorite book author is Hans Christian Andersen. He is Danish and was born on April 2, 1805. He is known world wide for his fairy tales. Some of his most famous stories are The Little Mermaid, The Little Match Girl, and The Ugly Duckling. Even though his stories are children’s stories, many adults also find his stories entertaining. I was 18 when I bought a book that had 100 of his stories. His stories teach us about the harsh times in life and also teach us valuable lessons.  I personally like his stories because they make me think about  morals in our life. His stories are different from many modern day children’s stories. A lot of children’s stories have happy endings. Hans Christian Andersen’s stories have taught me that a happy ending isn’t always what makes a good story. A lot of his stories are based off of stories that have happened to him in his love life. The Little Mermaid was a love letter by Hans Christian Andersen that he wrote to symbolize his love for a man named Edvard Collin. Some Scholars thought that Andersen was bisexual. He is such a great author that there is even a Hans Christian Andersen Award.  He has also inspired other famous authors such as Kenneth Grahame and A.A. Milne. The International Children’s Book Day is a holiday that is celebrated in honor of him. It is celebrated on his birthday.

Hans Christian Andersen


Best Loved Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen Book Review

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Best Loved Fairy Tales is a book that contains 100 beautifully descripted fairy tails by Hans Christian Andersen including some of his most well known stories such as, The Little Mermaid,  Thumbelina, The Ugly Duckling, and many more. It also has beautiful illustrations by Dugald Stewart Walker and Hans Tegner. I also want to point out that people of all ages have enjoyed his stories. Andersen’s stories always opened my mind and made me think of different kinds of morals. I don’t want to spoil the endings of any of his stories. But I will say that I liked every fairytale by him that I have read so far. And believe me, I’m not exaggerating. Im dead serious! Not only did his stories open my mind and were descripted beautifully like I said before. I also found the characters in his stories interesting as well. Wether it was the protagonist or the antagonist. If you like stories that have a lot of meanings, lessons or morals or stories that just open your mind, then you will definitely enjoy this book.